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Welcome to Ted Baker's Explorer's Club, a collective of influential and curious minds who will guide you through incredible sites of wonder across North America.

Follow Ted's urban explorers as they discover unexpected places in their own cities.

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Shayna Batya Miami

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Shayna Batya is a Miami-based artist whose work focuses on environmental portraiture and the unexpected. With a curiosity for the world and the people in it, accompanied by a constant need for spontaneity, Shayna seeks the unknown through her travels around the globe.

Spanish Monastery

Cloisters of the Ancient Spanish Monastery

‘I've always been fascinated by this place – it's one of the oldest buildings in the western hemisphere. The medieval church was built in Spain during the 12th century and shipped over to be reconstructed, piece-by-piece, in 1924.‘

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Coral Castle

Coral Castle

‘Coral Castle is a gem to visit. Built by Edward Leedskalnin in 1920, it was said to have been created using levitation. It's hard to believe that it wasn't, as each piece of limestone weighs a few tons.’

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Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool

‘Not your traditional Miami pool with cocktails and dance music, the Venetian Pool is actually the largest freshwater pool in the country.’

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Cape Florida Lighthouse

Cape Florida Lighthouse

‘Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is home to a picturesque lighthouse, "El Farito," as locals call it.’

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Railroad Museum

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

‘After I went inside a few of them I started feeling strange vibes. Some of those trains are definitely haunted!’

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