What to Wear to an Interview

If you’ve got a big interview coming up, no doubt you’re putting in the work to be completely prepared. However, no matter how well you can describe yourself in three words, or how humbly you can name your biggest weakness, if you don’t put the effort into your appearance, chances are you can wave goodbye to that dream job. Ted’s got some top tips on how to dress for an interview to ensure you make the right impression – and remember, polished shoes and proper grooming are essential finishing touches.

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What to Wear to an Informal Interview

If you’re going for a more casual interview, then the rules are a little more relaxed. Don’t turn up in a three-piece suit, but remember to still put the effort in. Opt for chinos and smart knitwear, or a shirt with no tie. Denim and smart trainers are becoming more accepted, so dark jeans and a smart shirt is a good choice for a casual job interview outfit – just make sure your trainers are clean and in top condition. If in doubt, Derbies, brogues or Chelsea boots are a step in the right direction.

What to Wear to a Formal Interview

For a more traditional work environment, you can’t go wrong with a sharp-looking suit. If you’re in doubt for what to war to a formal interview, Ted has quite literally written a guide on how to dress to impress with his extensive guide to men’s suits – the Endurance option is particularly good for arduous commutes. A touch of tailoring goes a long way, so ensure you finish it with a crisp shirt and polished leather shoes.

Interview Outfit FAQs

Can you wear jeans to an interview?

If it’s a creative industry where the dress code is relaxed, dark, well-fitted jeans can be appropriate. Make sure that you pair them with a presentable shirt and smart shoes or sneakers and stay away from light denim.

Should I wear a tie to an interview?

Yes. Unless you’re interviewing somewhere with a casual dress code, keep it traditional and wear a tie. Opt for a smart design and avoid novelty prints or clashing colours.

What should I bring to an interview?

Your resume is an essential. If you’re being interviewed by multiple people, ensure you take a few copies, and if it’s a creative role then don’t forget your portfolio. A pen and pencil is always a good idea (and makes you look well-prepared), and pack a bottle of water, just in case. Make sure you have a few pre-prepared questions to show interest, and don’t forget your firm handshake to leave a lasting impression.

What are the best colors to wear to an interview?

If you’re interviewing somewhere traditional, opt for a suit in a subdued color with a smart shirt. Classic stripes and block colors are fine, but leave the garish ensembles and novelty ties at home; you want to dazzle them with your wit, not your whistle.