A tale of two icons

Ted Baker, meet Oliver Goldsmith. This is the story of two timeless heritage brands, two unique styles, one era-defining collaboration. Sunglasses, but definitely not as you know them, we’re talking quality, craftsmanship and an obsessive attention to detail. Coming together to reimagine the classics, it’s London through and through and just as iconic.

Raise your glasses

"It all started with a lightbulb moment where I saw how our two brands could collaborate. Ted Baker with their unique prints and Oliver Goldsmith with our timeless silhouettes; put the two together to create something really beautiful."

Claire Goldsmith, CEO of Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses and all-round awesome person

Reimagining a classic

Versatile, historic and oozing Britishness. From the ‘60s to today and beyond, frames are both timeless and era defining. Rule makers to rule breakers. Iconic looks good on you.

It's how you frame it

"This unique collaboration marks a coming together of two British style icons – the story of a shared creative vision and statement styling. We’re celebrating prints, shapes, and the very best of Britishness."

Anthony Cuthbertson, Global Creative Director at Ted Baker