It's the curios, momentos and little personal details that truly make a house a home, and our latest collection provides all the inspiration you need for accenting the backdrop to your bedroom, family time and you-time in between. Featuring all the attention-to-detail and nuances we know you love, from digitally printed blossoms to bold and graphic illustrative flowers - this light, airy and uplifting edit will instil your living space with all the charm of a British garden in full bloom.


Beautifully eccentric and impossibly luxurious, our latest bedding is designed to sit alongside our wallpapers - or, if you're into that kind of thing - contrast with them completely. Our house favourite? The vibrant HULA set, where bright and uplifting delphiniums sprawl aceoss a black base to beautifully statement effect.

Ted's Handy Hanging Instructions

Ted’s on a Roll

Prepare the walls by removing any pesky traces of dirt, grease, old wallpaper or loose paint.
Absorbent surfaces will need to be primed beforehand.

Light coloured wallcoverings are fussy and will need to be hung on a light, uniform surface.

Getting the Hang of it

  • Start by measuring and cut from the roll.
  • Measure the length required and leave an extra 5cm at each end to allow for miscalculations. 
  • For printed patterns, plan your match from the roll before cutting. 
  • Number each strip before attempting to hang in a sequence.
  • Ted Baker wallcoverings are usually hung straight but designs that require reverse hanging will have appropriate labels attached. 
  • Using a roller, apply the adhesive evenly to the wall.
  • Lay the first strip of wall covering onto the adhesive with a spatula, working in an up and down motion.
  • So far, so good? Align the pattern as required, butting each strip to form a tight joint.
  • Take care not to overwork the joints. Lastly, wait 15 minutes before trimming the top and bottom of the drops.

Download the Wallpaper

Click the swatches to download the wallpapers