Share flowers, share love.

A portrait of a living moment, Ted Baker introduces four floral fragrances waiting to bloom.

A snapshot of life.

Captured remotely by renowned photographer Jem Mitchell, this is an intimate look at how we see beauty in reality. Brought together through the language of flowers and authentic interactions, this is an expression rich in playful passion, youthful spirit and lasting beauty.

From behind the lens and all across the world, personas are shared, personalities discovered and impressions live long in the memory. A joyful extension of identity, our take on personal fragrance is explored through four beautiful, budding moments. Natural yet expressive; floral yet refined; subtle yet ready for life in full colour.


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Mandarin + Peach | Heart: Jasmine + Honeysuckle | Base: Patchouli + Amber

Pillow-soft and powdery, this floral fragrance of feather-light peony petals offers elegance with added warmth. Drawing out every ounce of personality with red berries, intense jasmine and honeysuckle, a vanilla and white musk base reveals true depth and character. Cashmere soft yet rich and lasting, this is a delicate expression of sophistication.




Lemon + Raspberry | Heart: Rose + Freesia | Base: Patchouli + Amber

Fizzy, fruity and floral, Mia is bursting with personality. The definition of delicacy, this mouth-watering scent radiates intrigue and romance. Opening with bold notes of maple mixed with succulent berries, the tone is set with a sweet hit of crystallised sugar rose petals. Base notes of patchouli, golden amber and freesia offer added charm and memorability.




Rhubarb + Magnolia | Heart: Jasmine + Heliotrope | Base: Tonka + Maple

A rich floral scent with a decadent texture, Amelia melts into the skin. A delicious expression of spiced vanilla, tart rhubarb and juicy plum, a sprinkling of sea salt and petals add intrigue to its identity. With a rich gourmand base of tonka bean, maple and patchouli, a dark floral heart of jasmine, heliotrope and almond hints toward joyful allure.




White Lily + Cardamom | Heart: Cassis + Rose | Base: Cedarwood + Tonka

A warm and mystical aromatic wonder, the limited-edition Celeste is centred around herbaceous scents mixed with delicate eucalyptus, chamomile, white jasmine and fresh rose. Pillowed in cedar leaf, deep mosses and rich patchouli, intrigue and mystery floats on the skin with a jasmine-infused glow; luring you in through grounding flavours of frankincense resin, tonka bean and sandalwood.


Share flowers, share love.


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