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Winged eyeliner is one of the most sought-after beauty looks, and for good reason, too. Timeless and versatile, cat eyes offer a sleek and sophisticated finishing touch, whether they’re something you do every day or reserve for special occasions. It can be a tricky technique to master, but don’t worry – with our effortless winged eyeliner tutorial, you’ll be able to get the purr-fect eyeliner flick every single time.

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How to Do Cat Eye Makeup

The Look:

Makeup artist and cat eyeliner extraordinaire Andrew Gallimore has the technique down to a tee. Follow our simple steps below and you too can achieve the perfect winged eyeliner to go with that perfect party outfit.

The Steps

  1. The best black eyeliner for the job, take your NEWYRK eyeliner marker pen and, following your lash line, press the pen tip down to create the outer tick.
  2. Stroke inwards, coming down towards the centre of the lash line.
    TIP: Lift your eyelid slightly to get into the roots of your lashes and avoid gaps.
  3. Using the tip of the nib, draw a thin line inward from the inner corner of your eye to join up with the flick.
  4. Look straight into a mirror to assess your flick, and adjust if you need to.
  5. Apply the FIJII volumizing and lengthening mascara, focusing on the outer lashes to exaggerate the winged effect.
  6. Finish the look with a nude matte lipstick – we recommend SICILYY in the shade Delight.
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- Sarah Jossel, Beauty Director of Sunday Times Style
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- Victoria Magrath aka In the Frow, Award-winning lifestyle influencer

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