Into the Wild

Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, Ted’s blend of natural textures, autumnal tones and sumptuous details means your coat will weather the worst of winter with ease.

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Cover Story

Step outside and follow Ted's lead as he shows you around his collection of coats in all their finely detailed glory.

Early Bird

Face the day in style – a faux fur-lined parka comes prepped for whatever the elements throw at you.

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Softly Does It

Soft to the touch yet sharply tailored, Ted’s faux fur coats have been created in the bejewelled tones of autumn sunsets.

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Dream Boat

A sumptuously soft wrap coat will put the wind in your sails thanks to its clean-lined cut and whisper of cashmere.

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Lead the Herd

Artfully homespun touches are an effortless way to lead by example this season – make stylish strides in one of Ted’s elegantly embroidered parkas.

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Buckle Up

As temperatures plummet, dial up the drama with fronds of faux fur, sumptuous wool and amplified proportions; Ted’s skirted style comes belted for a shapely finish.

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Harvest Festival

Celebrate the season with cosy coats in bold jewel tones that revel in the winter chill. Styled with a faux fur scarf, they do the talking for you.

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The Cover Up

Classic or contemporary, take your pick from Ted’s covetable carousel of coats.