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There’s been a deliciously clandestine supper club popping up – then swiftly vanishing – along the East London overground, and it’s grabbed Ted’s attention. Named Gingerline, it would seem Ted Towers' Le Ginge isn't the only place with a fondness for redheaded diners. With murmurs abounding of a new location and event, Ted caught up with Gingerline's founders Suz Mountfort and Kerry Adamson for a few tantalising morsels.

So what exactly is Gingerline – give us a clue? TFL are keeping mum.

Gingerline is a fusion of theatre, art and food. We create parallel realities in semi-disused secret locations along the East London line. It’s also now the nickname for the East London line itself – I like to think we dubbed it so first…

Why ginger? Do redheads eat for free?

No, but they are rightly worshipped and revered. Ginger partly because we run along the East London line and partly because of my big red barnet.

No doubt you’re au fait with Ted’s six Cinnamon-starred (like Michelin, but better) fine dining restaurant Le Ginge? It’s tailored exclusively for redheaded patrons. Since you lot are adept at dreaming up fantastical themes, what culinary suggestions would you make for its à la carte menu?

Sounds incredible! It’s a little-known fact that redheads are actually powered by ginger (spice) – use this sparingly in each course to avoid fatigue/heated arguments.

Food and theatrics seem to be a winning mixture. Why do you think that is?

What’s not to like?!

What is it about exclusivity in dining that gets our mouths watering?

Everyone likes to feel as if they're part of something or have discovered something unique and memorable.

What happens if a loose-lipped diner lets the cat out of the bag? Banishment?

It hasn’t happened yet! Our guests are very respectful and understand that if they spill the beans they’ll be spoiling the surprise for others yet to come along.

We Brits are partial to a pop-up, is this the way forward, do you think?

Pop-ups present the perfect opportunity to explore and experiment with new ideas. Guests are an essential part of the mix and this makes taking part in them so refreshing and exciting – long may they live!

Any tips on achieving utmost ambience? Candles? It’s candles, isn’t it?

Good lighting, yes, and good people blessed with a sense of adventure.

To avoid missing out on this unique culinary experience, place an early booking and wait for a mysterious text to begin your foodie adventure – and pay heed to the Gingerline Code of Secrecy!