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Pro surfer Lucy Campbell (@lucysurf) is used to travelling the globe from secluded islands in the tropics to snowy climes for competitions and training. If she can get excited at the prospect of a 2020 staycation, so can you… Whether it’s chasing new waves, hiking woodland trails, or discovering local foods, make the most of your holiday at home with summer dresses, sandals, swimwear and more. No passport? No problem.

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Staycation Shop. Hello, Summer Clothes

With all the money you’re saving on flights, a summer outfits splurge is a well-justified treat. Pick up a new sundress for a picnic or keep things easy breezy for date night in a floral skirt and simple cami.

Staycation Shop. Don’t Forget the Accessories

One of the benefits of not being restricted by airline weight limits is you can go overboard on accessories. Replace your fortnight’s worth of toiletries and industrial-sized insect repellent with as many summer sandals, swimsuits and beach accessories as you like.

Staycation Shop. Sundown Style

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Did someone order jeans and a nice top on the rocks?

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A cross body bag is the ultimate staycation companion.


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