Ethical & Environmental Issues

Does Ted baker use child labour?

Child Labour is a very emotive issue and here at Ted Baker we work closely with our factories and suppliers to ensure that, not only is there no child labour, but also that no one else within our supply chain is being exploited or discriminated against. We require suppliers to adhere to our Code of Conduct. You can find out more about our ethical code of conduct here.

Does Ted Baker use organic materials?

We do use organic materials in some of our products. We also use a range of fabrics from sustainable sources. The best way to find out what fabric a product is made of is to read its description on this website. For more general information about the different materials we use you should take a look at our Fabric Guide.

What does Ted Baker do to help the environment?

At Ted Baker we know we have a responsibility to do right by the environment. As a proud partner of MADE-BY we are working on the sustainability of our entire collection, up and down our supply chain. We are also working on keeping our carbon footprint as dainty as we can by making all our business travel carbon neutral by offsetting the carbon emissions with Natural Capital Partners. To avoid contributing to the huge quantity of clothing sent to landfill each year in the UK we donate our terminal and faulty stock to two charities, Oxfam and Newlife.

How do I recycle my watch batteries?

Batteries contain harmful chemicals which, if disposed of in your general household waste, can leak toxins into the soil and put communities and wildlife at risk. Within the UK, please take them to your local recycling centre which you can find at

Does Ted Baker use fur in any of their garments?

Ted Baker does not use real fur in any of his garments. Only skins and hides which are by-products of the meat industry are used.

Does Ted Baker use Angora hair in any of their products?

Since Summer 2014 we have not used angora in our collections. 

What is ted baker's policy on animal welfare?

We expect all animal-derived products that we sell to have come from animals that are treated in the very best way and in strict accordance with animal welfare legislation. For more information, please see Ted's policy here.

Do Ted Baker test their fragrances on animals?

Certainly not.

Do Ted Baker sell their skinwear and beauty products in China?

No, Ted does not currently retail these particular products in China.

What is the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)?

You may have seen the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) logo on some of our swing tickets. To find out more about BCI and BCI Cotton click here.

Does Ted Baker use Mohair in any of their products?

Ted finds the cruel practices that have been uncovered in some mohair farms completely unacceptable, and it contravenes his strict Ethical Code of Conduct. Even though there is very little mohair in his collections (around 0.02% for AW18), Ted has decided to exclude it completely from all new products going forward. No new designs will be made with mohair, and Ted will be 100% mohair-free from AW19 onwards.