Max Whitlock

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Next in line for our caffeine-fuelled adventure is triple Olympic and World champion gymnast, Max Whitlock. As the most successful gymnast in Olympic history on the pommel horse, naturally we decided to tip the balance a bit – a familiar feat for a gymnast whose agility has rewritten records. Our self crafted coffee shop hit the streets with Max in tow and journeyed through East London’s alleys and avenues. Amidst the hustle and bustle, we spoke to Max about his ascent into gymnastics, managing his mental health after major wins and how to cope adjusting to big life changes. Delving into challenges faced, such as contemplating retirement, Max Whitlock stirs together inspiration and determination with his very own Business Unusual.

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"I feel so enthused and
almost like I'm training for my first
olympics again."

"I feel so enthused and almost like I'm training for my first olympics again."

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So, I started gymnastics when I was seven years old. I loved swimming but then a friend from the same swimming club said I should come along and try gymnastics. It was in the same sports centre, which was kind of handy, so I went along, tried it - Day one absolutely loved it.




One thing that I didn’t realise until I retained my title in Tokyo, I kind of felt content. After that result, I decided to retire. And that switch there was crazy for me. For something that I’ve done for twenty-three years, since I was seven years old and from such a young age, to have a hard stop and a big change into what for me was normality, was really tricky. Mentally it was really hard. And I’ve always, in my whole career, looked forward. I’ve never really reflected too much and looked back, and I felt completely lost and almost in a rut where I felt useless and a waste of space really. So that’s something that I massively struggled with.


Having realised a sense of that feeling could have also been knowing that I wasn’t quite finished, that I wanted to push myself and my body to go for another Olympic games. Since deciding to train for Paris 2024 Olympics and having recently been selected for the World Championships, I feel so enthused and almost like I’m training for my first Olympics again.

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My little girl Willow she’s starting to get to a nice age where she’s almost growing up too quick for my liking. She loves my medals; she likes playing with my medals. But I think what’s amazing is that if I do well in the camp or I don’t, at the moment - which I’m hoping stays, she basically sees me like I’m some kind of superhero, which is amazing. So, my target is to try and keep that as long as possible.

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