Payment & Security

What payment types does Ted Baker online accept?

Aside from bartering, we're pretty open to you paying in any way you like. In fact, you can use all the following payment types:

Visa Debit / Credit 
Visa Electron 
Maestro International 
American Express 

When will my credit or debit card be charged?

You'll only get charged when your order is sent out. When you enter your credit/debit card information and click 'Confirm Payment' on the final review page, we simply authorise the payment to make sure that the details are correct and the necessary funds are available.

The same applies if you're paying via Paypal.

When this happens it may be that your bank or credit card company sets aside the funds needed for the order. They don't give the money to us. They hold it in a virtual banking place. As we said, we don't take any money until we've sent out your order.

Please be aware that if you cancel an order before it's shipped, it may take some time for your bank or credit card company to process this and return the funds to your account. It's not us being greedy. Honest.

How safe is it to shop at Ted's online store?

As safe as it possibly could be. Any information you give us is stored securely and we maintain the highest levels of security. In fact, uses high-level SSL encryption technology - the most advanced security software currently available for online transactions. If you want to read more about our Security and Privacy policies, you can do so here.

At Your Service in-store payments

If you have used the in-store At Your Service application for your order, your payment will be taken at the point of purchase.


When is payment taken when I use ‘At Your Service’?

If you have used the in-store At Your Service application (UK only) for your order, or paid using iDeal (Netherlands only), your payment will be taken when you have successfully reached the ‘order completion’ page.