For creatives, multi-hyphenates and work-from-anywhere entrepreneurs, Business Unusual is a modern workwear moment that gets business done differently. From laptops in coffee-shops to pop-up boutiques, or working on the move, we’re redefining what we wear to work, whatever the 9-to-5 looks like.

From New York to London, we meet professionals who have made a living from doing things differently. Photographers, brewers, plant experts and more, this is where work and life meet a perfect style balance. Expressive, industrious, and as versatile as you.

Gynelle bag


A self-described plant enthusiast, Gynelle Leon is the founder of London’s first cacti and succulents boutique. Set up in the heart of East London back in 2016, she’s now grown strong roots in this diverse and creative part of town..

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“The multi-hyphenated job is something that so many of us are doing now. I never get bored.”

Originally an award-winning photographer before a passion for plants took over, her multi-hyphenate lifestyle brings balance and variety to her day-to-day.


With a unique vision and skillset, Gynelle has built the imaginatively named ‘Prick’ *ahem* from the ground up. When it comes to wardrobe, Gynelle reaches for something she feels confident in. A rotation that reflects her day-to-day and the changing sphere of workwear in the modern world.


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