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From New York to London, we meet professionals who have made a living from doing things differently. Photographers, brewers, plant experts and more, this is where work and life meet a perfect style balance. Expressive, industrious, and as versatile as you.

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Creative director and photographer of the stars, honorary New Yorker Jake Rosenberg shows us how an ever-evolving world of work has brought him balance, happiness and creative freedom.

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“My dad told me when I was young, ‘find something you love and make that your life’ ”


Growing up with a camera in his hand, he’s turned his passion into a success story. Jake attributes the happiness he feels every day to a love for creating photos; following the advice from his dad to pursue something he loves.


What’s he wearing day-to-day? Jake likes to keep things pared back in polo shirts and lightweight denim. Still smart, still nailing those first impressions, yet casualised for a dynamic day’s work. It’s modern, very 2022, and a clearly defined approach which puts the work in.

Jake photos