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Ted's Bazaar is back for one last time, and this time we’ve set our sights on the creative minds of the future. Our final collection is designed in collaboration with Rude Studio, and 100% of proceeds from the collection will go to the Creative Mentor Network, a charity supporting diversity and inclusion in the creative industries. Shop now and help us make a difference through stylish acts of kindness.

Donations will go to the Creative Mentor Network, a charity that helps young people achieve the fulfilling careers in the creative industries they deserve. Having seen barriers young people can face these days, the programme leaders help young people who are yet to enter the industry understand the career paths available to them, and support them in their growth and development.

All mentees are given access to a wider professional network, are helped to build the skills they need to get ahead in the industry, and (perhaps most importantly) get paid for their work, no matter how junior they are. Businesses also benefit from a new generation of talent. Win-win.

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The Graduates

Demonstrating just how worthy of your support the scheme is, we spoke to three graduates about how crucial the Creative Mentor Network has been to their success.