Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Ted’s Yours

The art of romance is more than just a shop-bought charm offensive; sometimes you have to get creative to express your feelings. With the help of Ted’s good friend and calligrapher Lauren Essl, surprising your loved one (or best friend) has never felt so right. Whether you’re celebrating a platonic relationship or a passionate one, dip your quill and follow these Valentine’s Day tips to spell out your undying love with flair.

Valentine’s Day is no time to remain the secret admirer. With some finesse, you can pull off the perfect reveal. Ted’s recommendation: hidden treasures. Written with conspicuous style and zeal, tuck your notes in their bag or purse, hide them in their wallets or line their pockets with little reminders through the day. Quotes, compliments, and sweet nothings are everyone’s type.

No need to wax poetic. Consider making your note more memorable with a scent. Ted’s tip: add a bit of perfume to your note to draw your lover in. A fragrant spritz will captivate your reader, without being too on the nose with the wording.

Planning for a holiday that’s absolutely singular? Why not bask in it with your fellow bachelor or bachelorette. Ted’s advice: Replace a few treats with sweet sentiments to trade with your footloose pal. Love comes in many forms, after all – you might not have a honey, but you’ll always have chocolate.

St. Valentine, eat your heart out. An irreverent card delivered to a lovesick friend goes a long way. Ted’s idea: A sarcastic quip paired with edible chocolate roses – sure to melt the heart of even the staunchest Valentine’s Day cynic.

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