Time to Get Technical

Blending style and precision seamlessly, Ted knows a thing or two about being fashionably on time.

Whether counting down the minutes, or living for the moments when time stands still, Ted’s tantalising timepieces are equipped with top-of-the-range technical features to keep things ticking over nicely. Let’s take a look at three of Ted’s favourites from the latest collection.

When Timing is Everything: BELEE

For the man of excellent taste with a timeless sense of style, the BELEE watch completes any look with flair. Its classic leather strap and stainless steel case give an elegant finish, while the quartz movement guarantees precise timing with no need to keep winding it up (this is the 21st century, after all). In typical Ted style it comes finished with hidden touches, including a colourful print on the inside of the strap and an engraved lobster on the reverse of the case. You’ll have to BELEE it to see it.

Running Unlike Clockwork: TOMCOOB

Subdued style is the name of the game with Ted’s TOMCOOB watch. Just the ticket for gents who want something classic with a nod to metropolitan trends, its round face and leather strap upgrade plain ensembles with a pop of panache. A touch of distressed detailing at the strap keeps things contemporary for the man about town, and feel free to shower, swim, or scuba dive with this smart design – it’s water resistant up to 50m.

Ted’s Finest Hour: MIMOCHA

Men of international style, assemble: the watch you’ve been waiting for is here. Showcasing a polished Milanese mesh band, MIMOCHA gives a subtle nod to European finesse to bring suave flair to every look, even the trusty jeans and T-shirt. Contrary to what they tell you, size does indeed matter, and MIMOCHA’s dial clocks in at a crowd-pleasing 41mm, while its stainless-steel exhibition case back shows off the magic inside (without bragging, of course). Put simply, it’s the epitome of perfectly polished pizzazz – now say that three times fast.

Ted’s travels have taken him far and wide over the years, and his trusty timepiece makes for an essential travel companion. Where to next? 

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