How to Hack Party Season – by Ted

It’s no secret that Ted’s partial to a bit of a do, so when party season rolls around he likes to be prepared for every possible bash, shindig and jamboree with a wardrobe full of festive finery. With RSVPs sent out and social calendars filling up, don’t be thwarted by your jam-packed diary – Ted’s here and he’s got you covered for every possible event. After all, why have one party outfit when you could have six?

The Family Bash

If your family is anything like Ted’s, the family get-together can often become a slightly raucous affair; so keep your dignity (and your style) intact with a glamorous jumpsuit for a practical blend of comfort and polish. A little bit of a warning here – your sister will definitely want to steal this jumpsuit from your wardrobe (and probably your mum, too). Who can blame them? Just keep an eye on that faux fur jacket as well…

The Dinner with the In-Laws

Whether you’ve been married for years or your special someone is new on the scene, dinner with their parents can be a little daunting. Ted knows the feeling well, so he’s got you covered with the perfect outfit to have you dressed to impress. Put the plunging mini dress away, and think classic elegance, a conservative silhouette and just the right amount of glamour. Finish the look with heels and a glitzy bag for a guaranteed talking point with Mum – yep, you’re welcome.

The Romantic Dinner

Dining à deux is always a treat, but make it a night to remember and opt for a show-stopping outfit in the form of Ted’s one-shoulder wrap dress. The plush, metallic-flecked velvet comes in seasonal red that’s sure to have all eyes on you (especially your date’s) from the moment you step foot in the restaurant to the cab ride home – its elegant wrap design is also wonderfully forgiving on that extra round of petit fours.

The Big Night Out

Leave your coat at home and catch night fever on your big night out; it’s sequinned, it’s short and it’s ready to party. Ted’s a man who likes to make an entrance, and he thinks this piece is pretty special. He recommends pairing it with heeled ankle boots and a spangled bag – just make sure it has plenty of room for your lipstick, keys and a spare pair of flats for the walk home.

The VIP Soirée

You know that party in your diary you have nothing to wear to? Quite smart, very glamorous? Yep, that one. Fear not, your search for the perfect outfit is over: this shimmering maxi is thing of beauty, and it needs only the bare minimum of accessories – a strappy sandal here, a subtle clutch there. Ted’s not really one to take sides, but if he had to single out a showstopper, this would be it.

NATTALI dress (coming soon)

The Office Do

It’s all you’ve been talking about at work for the past three months – finally, the office party is here and it’s time to look the business after dark. Once the clock hits five o’clock, leave that spreadsheet behind, pop the prosecco and shimmy into this sequinned delight to hit the dancefloor in style – just remember to pair it with a bag that’s big enough to hold emergency lipstick and perfume for post-work touch ups.

OPHLLIA dress (coming soon)
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