How To Beat the Chill with Ted

January and February can be formidable months and the hardest part of the day can be the effort of piling on layer after layer. Ted’s an ever-helpful gent, and one who takes his style very seriously, so here’s his tips for layering up for those brisk sartorial moments.

Brighten up your look

Ted suggests adding a hint of pattern under your monochrome look to liven-up your outfit and remind yourself the sun will return.

Not all January blues are bad

Cheerier than black but not too bright, you will stand out on your daily commute for all the right reasons. Add a zip-up jersey jumper under a fleece bomber for a flourish of stylish texture and warmth.

Commuting like a pro

When the heat of the tube gets too much, you need somewhere to stash your extra layers. Enter Ted’s practical and stylish holdall, taking you effortlessly from desk to drinks.


It’s the little things that count

Make room in your pockets for your frozen hands and put all your essentials in Ted’s mini flight-bag. Keys, phone and wallet: check. Just the thing when your coat is almost too big to handle.


Turn up the volume

Always committed to a refined look from head to toe, Ted recommends brightening up your day, and your ankles, with a bold choice of socks.


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