We all know good things come in all shapes and sizes; boxes of chocolate, slices of pizza and bags. The battle of the bags debate has been going on as long as Ted can remember, and the debate still has Ted fans’ heads spinning. It all went down on our social media channels when we asked our Ted shoppers if they believe that the best things really do come in small packages or if bigger is better? Read on and tell us whose side you’re on.

Team Big

If you like to carry your worldly possessions on the go, then Ted’s STINGER leather shopper bag may be just right for you. It’s big and practical, with a stylish circular handle and a detachable shoulder strap. Ted designed this with the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink girl in mind. The bold mustard colour keeps you right on trend and the fishing-inspired tassel just adds that little quirky touch of Ted.

Team Small

If you like to be free from the burden of lugging around extra weight, don’t fear - Ted has you covered. Ted’s miniature KRAKAN leather belt bag is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. This number offers a sleek design that can either be fastened around the waist for hands free finesse or placed over the shoulder for a more traditional look.  Maybe in this case, less is more?

Whether you are on team big or team small, Ted has something to suit everyone’s needs. If you are someone that likes to carry around everything but the kitchen sink, then you might need to size up. If you are channelling a more minimalist vibe and have decluttered the old train tickets and receipts hoarded in your bag – think small. Or, get one of each …

Ted wants to know what team you’re on and who is going to win the Battle of the Bags. Let Ted know by posting a photo of you and your favourite bag to Instagram and tagging @ted_baker.

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