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Earn the honour of Best Dressed Guest this season with Ted Baker’s sensational selection of wedding oufits. From bold patterns or classic hues, you're sure to find your ideal ensemble.

Whether you're the groom, best man, or honoured guest, our selection of men's wedding outfits has something to suit. From the heartfelt exchange of vows to fist-pumping beats on the dance floor and quiet conversations shared with loved ones, our carefully curated selection of attire guarantees that you'll be dressed to impress from early start to late finish.

Our fabulous collection of stylish jackets, trousers, and waistcoats is designed to have you looking your best on the big day. Featuring top-notch fabrics, trendy cuts, and sleek details, these pieces perfectly capture the spirit of the occasion. And we didn't stop at the three-piece suit—our edit includes formal shoes that flawlessly complement our suits.

When it comes to accessorising wedding suits for men, the right selection of ties and pocket squares can truly elevate your look. These small yet impactful accessories have the power to add personality, charm, and a touch of individuality to your ensemble. Opt for a tie that complements the colour palette and style of your suit—whether it be a classic silk tie, a trendy patterned design, or a modern skinny silhouette. Pair it with a coordinating pocket square, neatly folded and placed in your jacket pocket, to personalise your style. Mix and match patterns, experiment with contrasting colours, or embrace a matching set for a polished look. Just remember, the key is to have fun and let your personality shine through. From grand entrance to quiet exit, and all the dancing in between, we have your back.