Fig 1.   S O F T   S H O U L D E R S
Fig 2.   U N I Q U E L Y   U N L I N E D
Fig 4.   D A P P E R   D E T A I L S
Fig 3.   C R E A S E   R E C O V E R Y


In this busy day and age, Ted knows the modern man often needs to get from A to B without a cumbersome suit carrier in tow. Luckily, he's solved this dressing dilemma, using advanced tailoring technologies to create a brand new transportable two-piece, the deCONSTRUCTED suit.

Fig 1. Soft Shoulders - With softly moulded shoulders, Ted's discerning design retains its shape, even after being folded for an hour or two.

Fig 2. UNIQUELY UNLINED - It may lack a traditional lining, but Ted's relaxed-yet-luxurious suit is far from unfinished. Able to mould back into shape, it's proof not every style needs a (silver) lining.

Fig 3. CREASE RECOVERY - While even Ted can't stop natural fibres from creasing, this sharp suit puts off pesky puckers, so you arrive in style.

Fig 4. Dapper Details - Crafted from the finest wool Ted could find, this plush jacket also features a geo print butterfly yoke and handsome horn buttons.

Tasteful Transportation - Ideal for folding softly into a handy holdall, Ted's suave suit comes complete with its own unique paper carrier.

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