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What prompted you to avert London transport and plump for two wheels?
I got sick of using the Tube in summer when I knew I could get places faster on my bike, even if I didn't rush - it's all about efficiency for me. Going by bike, with the wind in your hair, is a much nicer experience than squeezing into a sweaty train carriage.

What's the best thing about being a cyclist in London?
Other cyclists! We are such a diverse bunch - from guys who could give the Tour de France a run for their money, to Mums picking up kids from school by bike. I love people watching on my bike, you really feel connected with your fellow citizens and part of the city.

What's your favourite cycle route?
Riding over Westminster Bridge is breathtaking, it feels like you're flying over the river. I also really love riding up the cycle track alongside the Mall from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. I always imagine I'm cycling to visit the Queen!

How would you describe your bike-to-office style?
I like to dress for the destination as well as the journey - I don't want to have to get changed three times a day, so I like clothes that will give me a little bit of help on the bike in terms of performance and functionality. Style over speed, every time!

Favourite items from Ted's 'Raising the Handlebars' range?
The chinos are amazing - the stitching, the material, the little cycle-friendly details like the reflective turn ups. Did I mention they're comfortable too? They're a total winner for me.

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Raising the Handlebars from Ted Baker… It's even better than the wheel thing.